Why you should drink French “Natural Wine”.

Things are simple. Bio Labelled Wine still accepts some chemical inputs. In this regard, those are not totally clean as sulfur adding is not sanctioned.

Some could be suprised to find sulphites on a natural wine label — but according to Weiss, M. director of an Alsatian wine podcast “ the input of sulphites on the natural vine doesn’t mean it is not natural. In fact, the quantity is restricted to less than two gramme in general. Furthermore, the young raisin sometimes requires its addition depending on the year of vinification”.

So why would you choose to drink French natural wine?

When you drink vine you have to consume “raisin” in the first place. And here stand the difference. The Winemaker only uses grapes through the vinification of natural vine while conventional ones contain more than 300 inputs, including health-threatening ones. With the industrial process, it is possible to artificially generate aromas that will adverse the taste, but not only — experiencing headache the next day after drinking a supermarket white vine bottle tends to be a common thing.

Paying sometimes only 3 $ more for a bottle to a wine merchant will make you feel the difference. It is the opportunity to enhance and discover your local vine potential.

Finally, experienced or beginner, it might be time to be more inquisitive about the wine we drink, especially if seeking to reach richer and more reliable taste.

This article was written on the base of an interview with Weiss, M. director of the podcast “Du Raisin Et Des Papilles”.